Chitika Study: Bing Struggling To Win Even IE Users

  • 25 August 2009

The power of bundled software can be an amazing thing – all three major operating systems have a bundled Internet browser, each of which has 73% of their OS's Internet usage (based on a sample of 163 million US/Canada impressions across the Chitika network in early August). But Bing, the decision engine Microsoft bundles with Internet Explorer, only gets 10.3% of IE users' searches.

Chitika Study: Open Source Users Love Google, Hate Microsoft

  • 21 August 2009

With the upswing in the number of Linux boxes (thank you netbooks and Dell) and as much interest we have in the search engine market, we at Chitika thought we'd take a look at the search habits of our open-source friends. We compared the OS and search engine data for 163,211,927 searches – a sample of the Chitika network's search data from July 30th through August 16th – and the results were quite interesting. 

Sign up for Chitika | Premium, Win a Netbook

  • 17 August 2009

Hello Chitika friends and neighbors, we've got an exciting announcement to make - we're giving away five Dell Mini 9 Netbooks to new Chitika | Premium publishers! Here's the deal - you're eligible to win one of the netbooks if you:

1 - Sign up for a Chitika | Premium ad account between today (8/17/09) and the end of August (must sign up before 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, August 31st, 2009), and...

2 - Earn at least $50 through Chitika | Premium between now and the end of September.

Chitika: Social Media Superstars?

  • 10 July 2009

Who'd have thought that Chitika would be tapped as an example of how social media should be done?  Well, after a bit of site SNAFU, which we found out about initially and spoke with affected parties about via Twitter, our efforts have been recognized by social media maven Sharlyn Lauby.  She gave us much love in her latest Mashable social media how-to, "5 Steps for Successful Social Media Damage Control," which,

Chitika at MIT Enterprise Forum

  • 26 June 2009

The MIT Entrepreneurial Forum, one of the more interesting groups of smart people on the East Coast, met Wednesday night to discuss one big question: "Is there still money in the advertising revenue model?"  Our own Jeff Sable, VP of Publisher Sales, was invited to sit on the panel, speak, and answer questions.  Video was taken.  Answers were given.  Awesomeness was achieved.  Enjoy the video!


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