Chitika | SearchAppalooza, SES NYC: Free booze, 6'4" Owl...WTF?

  • 16 March 2009
  • Chitika is taking SES NYC '09 by storm!

Send us a note if you are coming--we are offering all Chitika friends 20% off SES full conf passes, and free exhibit passes.

  • What's in store?

Our SES "SearchAppalooza" workshop will feature Chitika's "Kick-Ass Search App" contest...“Think American Idol for developers, with Yahoo! and Microsoft as the judges.” 

Don't forget to water your ads

  • 16 January 2009

My neighbor has the greenest grass in our neighborhood. He purchases the most advanced lawn treatment available and cares for it like a child. Last summer he decided to plant some flowers and start a garden because, according to him, "you know, the soil underneath the grass bed is richer and healthier than ever". He planted vegetable seeds and the prettiest flowers but, a couple of weeks after he noticed the flowers were not thriving and the garden wasn't growing like he had hoped.

New Features in the Chitika | Premium WordPress Plugin

  • 13 January 2009

Another update to the Chitika | Premium WordPress plugin. Now with customizations like appending above, below or both to your channel name, depending on position for superior ad tracking. Don't forget the option to display Chitika | Premium to permalink pages to ensure your home page and archive pages aren't overloaded with ads - remember: search queries are usually targeted to your permalink pages!

Chitika banks on NOT showing ads

  • 9 January 2009

When it's smart to show an ad and when it's wise NOT to...

The constant question throughout advertising has been and always will be "what type of ad should I show on my website?" As an ad network, we're sensitive to this question for our users, but also aware of it as we cater to our users. As we took a step back to analyze the situation we realized that in order for our publishers to use their ad spaces to its fullest potential we had to make a fundamental change in the way we display ads in these spaces. 

Why Are There So Many Ad Networks?

  • 22 December 2008

Advertisers and publishers are aware of many more ad networks than the few which were part of the panel discussion that I participated in at the DPAC II conference this past October. Why are there so many networks? As an advertiser or as a publisher, should you work with more than one network? Why work with any network? What are the differences between the networks?


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