Using Chitika | eMiniMalls with other ad networks

  • 31 July 2006

Your Questions Answered continued.. We were very surprised to learn from our publishers that they hold back on using keywords or categories because they are worried about being in violation of terms & conditions from other ad networks. What makes Chitika great is that you can use it with other ad networks without being in violation. Chitika gives you the choice to display the ads YOU want, whether it be with keywords, categories or both. This is using eMiniMalls in its default, non-contextual mode.

Chitika MPU Speaks to you!

  • 5 July 2006

Catching up with our newest star, MPU (Multi-Product unit), for an interview wasn’t easy. With so many website requests, this star is in high demand. But we managed to steal 10 minutes of its time to answer some questions for the fans.  

How is it being under the pressure of all this fame so fast?

“Let me tell you, I am loving it!"

What is it about you that you think made you so famous?

It Pay$ to use Chitika

  • 27 June 2006

With billions of ads served, thousands of payments sent, how do we get any sleep? We don’t. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! We are just as excited as you are about your earnings, so why wait! At Chitika, you receive money into your paypal account as soon as you reach $10.00! And when you accumulate $50.00 by check. For this very reason, paypal is our default payment method. If you are not sure which method you are using, login and update your payment status by clicking on Account, then Payee Information.

Chitika's Multi-Product Unit

  • 20 June 2006

Chitika introduces a new interactive eMiniMalls Multi Product Unit, allowing our publishers to show 4 products at once. Now offer your visitors a true interactive window shopping experience. By mousing over the images the unit will automatically refresh the description, best deals, etc. Test it out now. 


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