Chitika Named as Finalist for Boston Business Journal's "Healthiest Employers 2013"

Chitika Named as Finalist for Boston Business Journal's "Healthiest Employers 2013"

  • 19 February 2013

The Boston Business Journal recently announced Chitika as a finalist in their annual "Healthiest Employers Program." Chitika is among the top 15 employers in Greater Boston nominated for the award. 

Over the last year, Chitika has been working hard to build our health and wellness program, starting with the addition of our "Performance Zone", which opened last spring. The Performance Zone was created as a place employees can keep productivity and energy high and is outfitted with everything from treadmill work stations to an area for mid-day stretching and yoga and even a ping pong table. Aside from making sure Chitika employees keep their energy high and feel good with healthy lunch and snack options, we also have seen a drop in sick days too! Boston Business Journal's Publisher Chris McIntosh says,  "With health care costs rising, a healthy workforce is more important than ever. The award and event will spotlight what area companies are doing to keep their workers off the sick rolls. And as we will report, these efforts go beyond keeping employees trim and healthy -- they also trim quite a bit off the bottom line."

In addition to our Performance Zone, the Chitika Inc. building also includes an on-site gym that employees have free access to, anytime throughout the day.  Since Chitika's inception, we have also been HUGE fans of "standing meetings," a tradition that is carried on multiple times each day. The idea, CEO Venkat Kolluri said, is to “work smart and move fast and have fun. When you are standing up, you are on your best game; your switch is turned on.’’

All nominees will join the Boston Business Journal on March 28th at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston Common for the awards ceremony. You can read more about the Healthiest Employers Program and the other nominees here. Is Chitika the fast-paced, health conscious office you have been looking for? If so - you're in luck! Chitika is hiring. Check out our job postings here: