Chitika Announces New Targeted Display Ad Option

Chitika Announces New Targeted Display Ad Option

  • 25 November 2013


At Chitika, we’ve always been proponents of choice and optimization. So when we began rolling out our new programmatically driven display ad option in mid-October, we knew our publishers and their visitors would benefit from the increased choice of ad unit type.

Powered by Smart Ad Technology

Just as our text ad units use Smart Ad Technology to target to your visitors and optimize for revenue, so do our display ads. Now all of our ad options ensure that you show the right ad at the right time to take advantage of all monetization opportunities. When you have both text and display ad units enabled, Smart Ad Technology automatically decides which ad type to show based on each impression, ultimately increasing overall performance -- and that puts more money in your pocket.

The Proven Advantage

Chitika publishers who use display ads in addition to text ads see an average threefold increase in their ad revenue, according to a recent sampling of publishers in the Chitika ad network*. If you want to be next, simply log in to your publisher panel and choose the display ad unit option. Or, click here to learn more about display advertising at Chitika.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed.