New Ad Unit Being Tested... Are You Interested?

  • 20 August 2008

The magicians engineers are cooking up a cool new Chitika ad unit - the Chitika search unit.  

As you can see, your users will have the ability to search your site, or search the web, all without leaving the page (results are displayed inside the unit).  We will have 2 separate tabs - 1 for sponsored results (which you get paid for clicks on), and 1 for results from your domain or the web.

This unit is extremely cool for 3 main reasons:

New Reports Feature: See Your Reports How YOU Want To

  • 11 August 2008

A number of publishers have requested that we add a feature to allow you to download your customized reports to Excel (or OpenOffice, for you open-source geeks like us!). Well the number-crunchers can rejoice as that feature is now live - reports can now be downloaded to CSV format which you can open into any spreadsheet software of your choice. This gives you MUCH more flexiblity over how you view/review your data, and allows you to view the reports however YOU want to view them.

A Quick Friday Pick-Me-Up

  • 8 August 2008

The end of the week can be tough, as the last few minutes and hours of the day count down and the weekend seems soooo far, here's something adorable to brighten up the rest of your day: The first picture of eMiniMalls Escolas!!  

Congratulations to Karla and Mike on their 6 lb, 5oz bundle of Chitika branding power! (Okay, so they didn't name her "eMiniMalls", but we're very, very happy for them!)

Get Started Quickly with Chitika|Premium

  • 22 July 2008

YOU: Have a website with a good amount of US search engine traffic and are looking for highly targeted text ads that will earn you revenue. You need access to a large, diverse set of inventory with clean content for your pages. After all, you like to keep your visitors happy. Chitika|Premium ad units: Behaviorally-targeted ad units that shows text ads from a diverse set of advertisers. Steps for easily getting started: 1.

SBM. The Extended SEM.

  • 14 July 2008

Extend Your SEM Reach. Keep Your Keywords. Why are we stopping SEM at search when we can take the power of keyword targeting beyond search? Ask any successful search engine marketing client what their successful, perhaps kick-a$$, keywords are and he or she will happily list off enough to compose a lengthy tongue twister.

We all know the SEMantra:  Kick-A$$ keyword line-up = Ability to drive Quality traffic to e-business  


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