How we are helping hundreds of non members!

  • 11 September 2007

Just about a year ago Chitika SPHERE, our official forum, first opened to Chitika members as a place to meet other Chitika users and share some tips. Since opening the forum to everyone, SPHERE is now a place where we are taking the time to get to know non members and help guide them in deciding whether or not Chitika would do well on their website or blog.

"I've been running this blog since October 2006. Would I benefit from Chitika ads on my blog? Thank you for your time and suggestions." -spaniard (forum member)

Get the best of interactive this holiday season

  • 4 September 2007

Chitika's unique & interactive pay per click products have brought fun & innovation to online shopping for years. With new products every year, we are sure to cater to every different kind of publisher. eMiniMalls Our flagship interactive product that gives your visitors a one on one experience with thousands of brand name products all within the unit. This makes for a one of a kind informed shopping decision! This product unit comes in many different sizes and is completely customizable. Show the products you want!

Top 5! Chitika Blog Post Winners

  • 29 August 2007

Chitika has been known to start some pretty interesting buzz; even some fun controversy surrounding the company services, contests and events. So let's take a moment to reflect on some of the most memorable discussions over the past year shall we? Here are the top five posts in five different categories. 

Chitika backs The Next Internet Millionaire

  • 28 August 2007

Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund have managed to grab their piece of this "reality tv" craze with their new online reality show The Next Internet Millionaire . Twelve contestants are competing for $25,000 and the ultimate joint venture with Joel Comm. You can be sure this show will include the twists and turns that you would see on any reality tv show, and we were extremely thrilled to be a part of it!

The verdict is in... You and Facebook

  • 24 August 2007

Last week when we told you Chitika made it possible for users to put Chitika | eMiniMalls within the pages of your Facebook applications, we were curious to how many of our readers even knew how to develop a Facebook application and whether they even cared for it at all. Well so far it seems 52% of our readers are unsure of how to develop a Facebook application and 39% of you have! 

Being a Chitika publisher means having control

  • 21 August 2007

Who would you trust to choose what ad products are displayed on your pages? Someone who doesn't know your readers at all? I hope not! We think it's important that all our publishers have complete control over what is shown on the pages of your website; after all, you know what your readers are interested in better than a company who will target the ads for you. When you login you can choose your own products you want displayed in your ad units.

Revenue For All Facebook Developers!

  • 16 August 2007

Chitika is the first ad service to create a Facebook compatible API allowing all Facebook Application Developers to monetize the traffic to their applications via advertising. With Chitika's new Facebook compatible API, you will be able to easily integrate Chitika | eMiniMalls ad units within the pages of your application. This will allow you to monetize the traffic to your Facebook application while earning pay per click advertising revenue.



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