Everythingusb.com Tops Chitika's List!

  • 7 August 2007

NEW WINNER! Ian of everythingusb.com has been on top of the latest developments of Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology since 2002. In the last two years everythingusb.com received recognition from many leading publications, including The New York Times & USA Today. Now Ian can add Chitika's Creative Creations winner to his list of accomplishments! Ian found that by customizing his Chitika | RPU's (Related Product Units) his CTR experienced quite a boost!

You're Invited to The Chitika Open House!

  • 2 August 2007

Chitika SPHERE, Chitika's official forum opened exclusively for publishers in October 2006. SPHERE became a great place for members to exchange tips & tricks and get to know each other. Among the most popular and visited sections of SPHERE was 'Submit your URL for Expert Optimizations' with 590 Posts and 54159 views, our most successful approach to help our publishers increase their revenue.

A Chitika "Blog Dollars" Study says 500 Million

  • 1 August 2007

Chitika has taken the first step to estimate the revenue in the blogosphere. In our Blog Dollars Study we have estimated that $500 million has been generated within the top 50k blogs in 2006. Jump in on the active discussion now on TechCrunch, your feedback is highly encouraged! This study was done as the first of more to come in the future. We will continue to update the revenue in the blogosphere using richer data.

Chitika and Adsense together in one place?

  • 31 July 2007

When deciding how to monetize your blog/website there are always questions that pop into your mind. Among the most popular is, "Can I use these services together?" Something you can keep in mind: Chitika allows their publishers to use any of their products with any other service.

When Chitika rocketed into the blogosphere, eMiniMalls was considered competition for Adsense, but the truth is Chitika complements Adsense quite nicely.

Has Chitika | RPU Rocked Your World Yet?

  • 30 July 2007

One important thing all RPU users have in common right now is how something so simple works so beautifully on their site.

"It was actually pretty easy to implement. And I am not surprised because it's a very simple effective concept." - Luigi, Owner, I4U.com

I4U saw a 15% overall ad revenue increase after using the RPU...


1. The RPU is completely non-contextual and can be customized to match the EXACT look and feel of your site by modifying the RPU CSS!


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