Optimize your Chitika revenue using eMiniMalls Category Hints

  • 31 January 2006

What is "Category Hint"? Category hint is a new targeting option by which you can pick and choose from a list of categories supported in the eMiniMalls system. Your selected category will be used as a "fallback" in the event that the system does not find an appropriate product for your preferred keyword(s). You can browse through all categories using the category preview tool

That which is tracked improves. Custom Chitika eMiniMalls reports are now available

  • 23 January 2006

Want to know which of your eMiniMalls units are the most effective and generating the most revenue for you? Check out our new updated affiliate reporting and account management system with easy to use tab based menu options and custom reports. You can now access and view aggregate stats across various channels for any period: ‘last week’, ‘this month’, ‘last month’, or for any select dates.  

Login in to your account, click on the “Reports” tab and use the “Filter by Dates” pull down menu to generate custom reports.

eMiniMalls PayPal payments - no processing fee

  • 17 January 2006

There seems to be a misconception that Chitika eMiniMalls users who opted for PayPal based payments will incur a processing fee from PayPal. This is not true. PayPal will directly charge Chitika for the processing fee. To reiterate, publishers do not get charged a fee to receive their eMiniMalls earnings via PayPal. By the way, PayPal payments for November have gone out. Checks are also going out this week.

Chitika Reporting System and Monthly Audits Update

  • 31 December 2005

We are working on upgrading our back-end filtering and fraud detection systems to dynamically detect and prevent fraud, improve the quality of the overall network and help minimize the difference between the daily raw click reports and the final monthly post-audit earned revenue reports. Earlier this month, we released a couple of enhancements to our reporting systems. At the same time we also started expanding the service to several European countries introducing international merchant listings into the program.

Alternate URL feature released

  • 1 December 2005

eMiniMalls now supports Alternate URL feature. The alternate URL feature allows you to make use of your ad space in the event that Chitika is not able to show a paying eMiniMall ad (for example: traffic from non-accepted countries). In such an event, the Chitika system will redirect to the url you specify.

More Information:

  • Using Alternate URL in eMiniMalls [Link].

Chitika expands into Europe

  • 28 November 2005

eMiniMalls UK is now live! Geo-targeting is on, so visitors from UK can now expect to see merchandising offers from UK merchants, while visitors from US will continue to see US offers and promotions. Next stop Paris. We are ready with offers and promotions feeds from several other European countries. Over the next week we will be expanding the service to the following countries: France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Netherlands.


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