A data analysis medium for the online marketing industry, are you missing out?

  • 13 February 2008

In January Tessa Rudd, a Strategic Partnerships Coordinator in our Advertising Media Division, started gathering & analyzing data using queried data from our reporting systems. With this information she has created a weekly publication that highlights emerging trends in online advertising and merchandising in the blogosphere.

Chitika | Pulse covers a wide range of topics related to online branding; e-commerce, retail in the long-tail and direct merchandising within the blogosphere and social networks, and is posted Mondays here on The Chitika Blog.

Chitika | Pulse: Excitment for Corporate Branding in Web 2.0

  • 11 February 2008

By: Tessa Rudd


Leading up to the launch of Chitika | VBU, we issued a survey to discern how our online publishers feel about integrating video ads into their interactive media plan. Out of those polled, 77% reported to be “very, very interested” in online video ad units, 13% were unsure, and 10% indicated they would not use video ads at this point.  

Spam issue in our Support being resolved

  • 8 February 2008

Heads-up from our customer support department: A massive influx of spam to our support system has caused a delay in our ability to answer customer emails. Our customer support department is working to resolve this issue and will be working throughout the weekend to respond to your emails as quickly as possible.

-Posted by Daniel Dore, Chitika Customer Service

UPDATE 2/9/07 10:30 AM: Spam issue has been resolved. There's a fresh pot of coffee (or six) brewed and we're tackling your questions.


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