Expert optimizations are paying off for Chitika publishers!

  • 3 January 2007

Expert optimization works! The launch of our forum, Chitika SPHERE, marked the beginning of a fun, group-oriented discussion between the staff here at Chitika and our publishers. We put together this large informal discussion to help all our users optimize their websites using eMiniMalls & other services. This became the starting point for a series of publisher success stories. In fact, more than 200 publishers have benefited from this. Because of this amazing success, we are now extending our optimization help on SPHERE till, well, maybe forever.

2006 Recap: RPU & ShopLinc Networks round out Chitika's Success

  • 21 December 2006

Bloggers are now discovering premium products to generate Blog$.


Who says there are no dollars in blogs? In 2006 we successfully complemented our core eMiniMalls service with two new premium product suites, the CPC-based ShopLincs service and an intuitive but extremely effective premium RPU Network. With these three powerful premier revenue sources, thousands of bloggers have discovered how to take their earnings potential to the next level.

Our Mission: Blog$

Blogging 'gurus'.. chime in!

  • 13 December 2006

Sitting at my desk this morning, like every morning, going through my daily routine, email, phone messages, call backs, coffee, notes, headphones, coffee, ebay, and catching up on some blogs, is when it hit me.. what if there was a place to blog away from blogging? Once you have established a blog or blogs, you have put on a mind set about a blog subject, but what about blogging itself? Have you ever, right in the middle of blogging, come up with a great idea and wished you could tell someone about it? You've crossed your 50th blog post woohoo!

Make the most of your Chitika | ShopCloud$

  • 13 December 2006

Did you know, you could not only put a cool revenue earning tag cloud on your blog/website, but also customize it with products of your choice and a cool title to attract your visitors? Chitika makes it possible with ShopCloud$.

Where to place ShopCloud$ ShopCloud$ work best below your page content. This has proved to be relevant just the same as RPU, because once your readers have read your article, they are in the mind set to find out more, or find other products.

Chitika shares Publisher Success Stories

  • 11 December 2006

Chitika opens a series of publisher case studies. Follow along as we capture publisher success using Chitika services and monitizing solutions! Now featuring, the -How JErm from TechFresh doubled his revenue over night!

"...the results made us jump out of our seats" -JErm


  • The is made up of,, and 

Expert advice from Chitika "Gurus" to increase your revenue

  • 8 December 2006

GET YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE OPTIMIZED BY EXPERTS NOW Right now other Chitika users are receiving expert optimization for their blog/websites to increase their revenue on Chitika SPHERE! By simply submitting your url(s), a Chitika expert will give you individual expert advice for the holiday season! Join all the Chitika members who have already received individual expert advice from Chitika, and make the most you can this holiday season! Jump in & increase your Chitika revenue!

Chitika ShopCloud$ get gifty!

  • 28 November 2006

Grab it and Go! So you've decided to accessorize your eMiniMalls with a ShopCloud$ this season, good move! Now.. what products do you put in it? Just like eMiniMalls, you can hand-select all the products you like! But it is the busy season.. so now in your ShopCloud$ code panel, you will find 14 holiday categories created specifically for the shopping season. Just click & go! & grab your holiday cloud. New holiday shopping cloud categories:

Channel Management is now live in your Chitika account

  • 27 November 2006

You asked for it:

"Basically i want to get reports on my revenue by websites. For example i set up a channel for site1, site2, and site3. I then can easily view the revenue earned by each website separately or altogether. This would be excellent for me and I'm sure many other chitika users."-Ash

You got it!  

Login to manage your channels. Mouse-over Reports & click Channels!  


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