About Chitika

About Chitika

At Chitika, we only show ads to users when and where they want to see them. It’s one of many things that set us apart from the competition, like:

  • Our network of 350,000+ quality publishers
  • Our four billion strategically targeted ads served per month
  • Access to top tier advertising partners like Yahoo!, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor
  • Proprietary targeting and optimization technology that leverages the power of programmatic buying to serve precisely the right ad, at the right time.

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Chitika Awards

Chitika Facts:

Founded: 2003

Location: Headquarters in Westborough, MA and offices in Hyderabad, India

Awards & Accolades: Red Herring Global Top 100, AlwaysOn Northeast Top 100, Silicon India Top 100, MITX Technology Awards Finalist, DPAC Award Finalist for Best Mobile Advertising Network Innovation

What does Chitika mean? Chitika (pronounced Chih-tih-ka) means "snap of the fingers", in Telugu (a South Indian Language), and represents the speed at which Chitika online ads display on a website.


Photo of Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri

Venkat Kolluri



Photo of Chitika CTO Alden DoRosario

Alden DoRosario



Photo of Vivek Kulkarni, Finance

Vivek Kulkarni