GM of Chitika's Mobile Division Presents at ISB 2012 in Hyderabad, India [Mobile]

GM of Chitika's Mobile Division Presents at ISB 2012 in Hyderabad, India [Mobile]

  • 21 November 2012

Matt Kojalo

Matt Kojalo, GM of Chitika's Mobile Advertising division, recently spoke at ISB Digital Summit 2012 , held November 9th and 10th in Hyderabad, India. Conference attendees discussed and explored various business models and how they work across a range of digital companies, digital publishers, advertisers and the intermediaries in the digital media value chain. While visiting India, Matt and mobile-team member Gui, had the opportunity to work alongside members of the Chitika mobile team at our India office, also located in Hyderabad.

Matt's presentation covered evolving technologies for user profiling and methods for targeting on Internet and Mobile media, both of which are focal points for the Chitika mobile team r&d initiatives. Check out his key presentation points below:

Value of Profiling

Demand in mobile is limited right now. There is plenty of supply. The more we target, the less we fill until privacy is solved. Carriers and platforms will need to be the first to jump in - they have the information.

Profiling versus Selling

In order for profiling to work efficiently and effectively, everyone will need to be on board for privacy and will need to be available to all demand and supply equally. Also, the user will need to approve, unlike desktop web.

What’s new in Mobile?

Since there are no “cookies”, different companies are trying to be the third party trusted partner that will keep user privacy or will need to be handled by the operating system. Is it email, phone number? What is that “mobile cookie”?

Invasion of Privacy

Users may think that mobile is more personal, but profiling has been happening on desktop for a long time and will eventually need to be solved for mobile. No one is taking the first leap to make a decision.

Success/failure Stories

We are all still waiting for the, “Walk by a Starbucks, and get a coupon,” or “I was looking at John Deere lawnmowers online and now I get an ad pushed to me when I drive by a Home Depot.” We’ve heard these for years, but brands still haven't done them in the US. Someday, they will happen.

It's obvious that the focus shift to mobile is happening across the board in the tech industry. Have you optimized your website for mobile yet? Are you taking advantage of Chitika's mobile ads? Let us know in the comments below!