Chitika Introduces Pay Per Call Ads

Chitika Introduces Pay Per Call Ads

  • 13 September 2011

We're excited to share with all of you our most recent development: Pay Per Call Ads!

As advertiser demand heats up in the local sector, we are enhancing our ads to capitalize on these exciting (and lucrative) new revenue models. Pay Per Call marks the latest addition to the Chitika local ad format: The green button will make your local users' experience more meaningful. Not only are you showing them advertisers in their area that have what they need, you are giving them the means to contact these businesses.

Why Should I Be Excited About These Ads?

These ads increase action rates for local ads. Local viewers are more likely to click these ads because it will put them in direct contact with the advertiser. What's more, advertisers are willing to pay more for calls than clicks (anywhere from $2 to $20+).

How Do I Start Using the Pay Per Call Ads?

You don't have to do anything! The ads are turned on automatically from our end.

Who Can See the Pay Per Call Ads?

Currently, the Pay Per Call ads are only available for US users. Since it is a new feature, the specific advertisers offering the Pay Per Call ads are only in the US. As we continue to grow as a company, our number of international Pay Per Call advertisers will grow with us. What do you guys think of the new Pay Per Call Ads? If you have any questions that I didn't answer above, leave me a message in the comment section.