Chitika Innovation Day: 24 Hours of Arcades, Algorithms, and Automation

Chitika Innovation Day: 24 Hours of Arcades, Algorithms, and Automation

  • 7 October 2013

With company-sanctioned rocketry, soccer, and video game tournaments in the past, Chitika takes the hobbies of its staff pretty seriously. Additionally, while Chitika has always been a place where having big ideas related to the work we do is part of our DNA, we also share a common passion for working on projects that allow us to think and innovate outside of our typical daily responsibilities. With that in mind, we held our first Chitika Innovation Day – 24 hours dedicated to innovating, problem solving, product improvements and cross-functional team fun. Teams were formed, ideas were shared, and plans were put in place to execute on projects that would make an impact on Chitika technologies, along with innovative ideas that would make an impact on the world outside of Chitika.

Over the next 24 hours, teams worked tirelessly with a goal to bring their idea to completion. Over 20 different projects were presented, and given the premise of Innovation Day itself, the variety of project topics did not disappoint. Some team innovations are already integrated into our business, and more ideas are in the final stages before making their way into the outside world. 

A sample of projects executed on included:

  • A program for dynamically analyzing legal text to describe changes to current laws in simple language
  •  A way to automatically report and analyze results of a network test
  •  A video demonstrating how mobile ads are similar to ordering a drink
  • A method of grading fantasy football owners based on historical player transactions
  • The implementation of Linux containers for easy customization within our internal systems
  • The creation of a customized arcade cabinet, backed by an emulator with every Nintendo Entertainment System game ever made - the unit is called Ambitious Retro Console Arcade Desktop Edition - A.R.C.A.D.E

Check out the Facebook album linked below for the full set of pictures from the day! To be a part of our growing team of innovators, take a look at our latest job openings