Chitika Case Study: One Publisher’s Experience Using New Display Ad Units*

Chitika Case Study: One Publisher’s Experience Using New Display Ad Units*

  • 25 November 2013


When we announced the release of our new display ad unit option last month, we anticipated the ads resulting in overall better optimization and targeting for our network of over 300,000 publishers. One Chitika publisher in particular, Stanzapub, benefitted greatly from using display ads in tandem with text. Here is his story.

Ramping up with text ads

Running websites in the industries of business, technology, and health and wellness among many others, Stanzapub had already seen success using Chitika text ads. In the 21 days before implementing display ads, Stanzapub’s websites as a whole averaged** $13 in revenue per day.

Using only text ads, Stanzapub was able to capitalize on Chitika’s Smart Ad Technology to pull in a constant stream of revenue for himself.

The one-two punch of text and display

Stanzapub added the Chitika display ad unit option not long after it was released. In the 21 days with display ads***, the Chitika publisher’s websites as a whole averaged, on a daily basis:

  • 27% increase in impressions
  • 21% increase in clicks
  • $41 in revenue per day (215% increase in revenue)
    • Percentage of revenue from display: 70%
    • Average daily revenue from display: $28.70

 Chitika ad performance graph

Needless to say, Stanzapub was happy with the results: “The integration of Chitika display ads was miraculous. Since their implementation, we’ve seen our revenue just increase and increase.”

Moving forward with display

After seeing an initial small spike in revenue, Stanzapub dedicated more ad space on his sites to Chitika ads, which explains the higher impressions average. Revenue, the universal motivator, increased by 215%. “The best part is, we did nothing extra for this to happen. It just happened!” said the publisher.

Just the beginning

Although his websites represent varying industries, Stanzapub successfully increased his daily revenue by $28 per day – proving that display ads can be effective for publishers in nearly every industry. Another way to see it is that he potentially increased his average yearly revenue by $10,220. And this is just the beginning! By following our 10 Tips for Top Tier Ads and experimenting with different ad placements, Stanzapub can continue to increase his monthly revenue with a combination of targeted text and display ads from Chitika.

Want to be the next Stanzapub and let our ads work for you? Learn more about Chitika display ads or apply to be a Chitika publisher now.


*Individual results will vary and are not guaranteed.

**September 28,2013 – October 20, 2013

***October 21, 2013 – November 10, 2013