Chitika named a Top Place to Work and Great Place for Perks by Worcester Business Journal

Chitika named a Top Place to Work and Great Place for Perks by Worcester Business Journal

  • 26 November 2013

Two recent articles by the Worcester Business Journal have revealed Chitika as both a Top Place to Work in the MetroWest for 2013, as well as one of a few prominent local technology companies leading the way in employment perks. And what can we say? Unwinding midday with a game of ping pong or darts is good for the heart and mind!


The Worcester Business Journal’s first piece on Top Workplaces for Employee Health and Wellness in 2013 highlights Chitika’s breadth of free on-site activities available: basketball, ping pong, treadmill workstations, and an office gym, to start. It also explains how Chitika’s catered lunches, stocked pantry with healthy offerings, and even soccer team help contribute to an overall healthy and happy culture.


 Chitika group photo

Chitika Group Photo // As Seen in the Worcester Business Journal


In Tech Company Perks To Keep Employees Catch On Beyond Industry, the WBJ explains how local tech companies like Chitika are increasing perks to reap the benefits of current employee productivity. For example, many current Chitika employees take advantage of complimentary laundry and dry cleaning, E-ZPass reimbursement, and a monthly commuter car stipend. The WBJ does note that employee satisfaction is not the only benefit of offering great benefits: Perks also help recruit the best future employees, something we’re very proud of at Chitika!


Check out the Worcester Business Journal’s article on the Top Workplace for Health and Wellness or their article on Tech Company Perks to read more. Or if you’d like to experience Chitika’s workplace for yourself, check out our current job openings and benefits at